Monday, July 19, 2010

The Angry Blogger

I thought the Angry Blogger was gone. After 3 years of separation/divorce, I figured it would just be...well, just Be.

How long can one person be a jerk to another?

Wait that was rhetorical. Obviously.

So that whole thing about not needing a blog because not needing to bitch about the big D? OK I lied.

Last Monday calling Daughter's health insurance to check coverage:

Me: her number is blah blah, id blah blah this is her mother.

Health Care: Sorry, she is no longer covered by us. Her coverage changed. You should have gotten a new card. You'll have to call Other Insurance Company.

ME: WTF???

ME: Call to Ex during work: "Can you talk a minute or is this a bad time?" [I always ask that question first Always.]

EX: This is fine.

ME: "I just tried to call Daugther's Dr but she has new coverage? AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME? [angry but not yelling]

Ex: Well Maybe you should talk to your Daughter. [who is a MINOR]

ME: No maybe when my Minor Child has her insurance changed, one custodial 50% parent who is in charge of said health insurance should inform the other said 50% parent of an important change like a CHANGE TO HEALH INSURANCE.

dialtone - he is not on the phone. he hung up.

So I called him back. But he refused to answer. So I got Daughter out of bed and she bitched about it and I said, "Maybe if your father would talk to me instead of hanging up on me, I wouldn't need to wake you up. Sorry." [I never say stuff like that to them but now I. Am. Done.]

Then I emailed him - let him know he's childish and hurting his Daughter, not me. Let him know if this had been an emergency it would have cost HIM a fortune for not telling ME about the health insurance.

Then he emails me back - claims he "had to take a call from a jobsite" and had to disconnect. Like he didn't really hang up on me? Who the F*** disconnects without a quick, "Hey gotta run" or something? No one. And I always ask if it's a good time - I know he's at work. I wouldn't even have called except I needed to talk to the Drs about her health issue. What. A Freakin' Jerk.

I have not attempted to communicate since. [Oh by the way, this was after ignoring at least 2 of my emails about paying for college. I had to resend them twice before he "responded" and then he never truly responded. Apparently we are not going to discuss the mutual funds and college savings plans and decide together how to go about paying for college.]

Today Son said, "So how are you, dad and me getting to orientation at my College Wednesday?"

ME: I don't know - your dad will not speak to me. So I am not going to bother him at work. If he doesn't call me, you and I will get in the car Wednesday night and go. I have the hotel room booked. [which Ex is supposed to share - another blog post all its own if I could even figure that out. His idea]

If he doesn't want to talk, then we won't talk. My kids do talk to me. I have computers. I am not stupid. I do not need him to help me figure out all this college stuff. It would be nice to do it together. But apparently he has yet to figure out two important things:
1) I do not need him. for anything. At all. ever.
2) When he's a jerk, it only hurts his kids. Not me. Oh he makes me angry, but moreso because he hurts his kids. And blames me.

I'm hoping by blogging, the Angry Blogger can crawl back under her Rock and the Happy Me can return.


Hula Girl at Heart said...

What a jerk. May a thousand locusts land on his body and bite his ass.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I'm sorry for your frustration. I really really really understand it.

I have a soft shoulder right above my armpit fold fat where you can rest your head for a while.


ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, my sister, I'm SO sorry he's being such an assbag. I wish I had some words of wisdom, but we both know I'm the LAST one to give advice about jerky exes!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Yeah, he is a jerk. I do hope he reads this too.
What an ass. He is hurting his kids...and ONE day, they will hold this kind of behavior against him...when they are also tired of it.
He will be a sad an lonely old man.

J.G. said...

Unfortunately there is no statute of limitations on being a jerk--it just goes on forever (or until there are no more reasons to discuss the kids, which seems like forever). Hold your ground and navigate on your own as much as you can!

dkuroiwa said...

as the daughter of an asshole, i can guarantee that he will regret being such an ass. really. he will.
and i'm sorry, but...really...Hula has the best comments, doesn't she?? ;-)
you just keep doing what you are doing....the 'angry blogger' is welcome to vent about crap anytime she wants...someday, i hope we can all meet...sit on your patio and hurl sassy insults (and possibly other real objects!) in his direction!
I wonder if the shrines have a charm for dealing with dickwads such as thinks many people would want one. i'll get back with you on that!!
hang in there sister!

TAG said...

Sorry but I doubt the angry blogger will ever be totally gone. But you know what, that is a good thing.

When you see people doing things that cause pain and suffering to those whom they are supposed to love, it should make you angry.

Yeah, yeah, I know, getting angry doesn't do anything to solve the problem. But it does prove you care about your kids. That is one quality I hope you never lose.


PS: Now if you start going off on a rant because of the font someone uses in a letter or the color paper they choose to print on, it might be time to check into some anger management. Nah, you'll never get that bad.

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Oh I'm sorry... It is amazing how people can become so hard to work with -- he should be better!