Wednesday, August 5, 2009

TRYING to Notice things Like A Lunar Eclipse

While not blogging this summer I have been focusing on other things. Repositioning my mind, my spirit.

Yes stopping to smell the Roses.

Cleaning out Clutter and Closets and Crap.

(Note to all and Google and etc, I Borrowed this Google Image of Clutter, my house is not yet that bad....)

And so Tonight the Captain said, "Lunar Eclipse." Because the Captain is all stars and moons and pays attention to stuff like that. He was going to take his local crew for a moonlight sail to watch the eclipse. I was happy for him but yes a little blue because I wanted to be there not here. But Oh well. So I followed Captain's Orders and googled "lunar eclipse time washington DC" and all variations thereof, but could not figure out what time I could see the eclipse.

(Ok ok I swiped this one, too, from Google)

Then I had a brain storm, Go Outside and Look for the Moon.

And I saw clouds.

OH well, I'd rather be here anyway.....


ChiTown Girl said...

What an AWESOME picture of you two! You both look so happy!

JO said...

Hey, according to the Navy ( your place is in mid-eclipse right now....(9:43) and it will be out of penumbra at 10:21 ish

Oh, and I see that the word verf is totally you right now - suffering lanflu - wanting to be on the boat with that GORGEOUS man o yours.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Excellent picture, probably far more attractive than the lunar eclipse :D

And may I just say THANK HEAVEN that is not a photo of your clutter...I was about to hyperventilate.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

So you've been wasting your summer by living in the real world?

It looks like you spent time making some great memories.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Lunar eclipse? Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Hot shirtless man on a boat? 8-D

Wunderwoman said...

great picture of you two...I don't do stuff outdoors after dark, that's time for zzzz

Jason, as himself said...

Good for you and your repositioning!