Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Morning Drive

A glimpse into my morning. Why? Because it makes me laugh.

Daughter driving. Me riding shotgun putting on makeup. "V" (also 16) playing dj with her IPOD. We started with the theme to Pokemon. No I am not making this up. Pokemon.

Then a song from Twilight written by paramour. Next the doobie brothers "listen to the music." All on one ipod. All chosen by one child. Meanwhile Son quizzes V with her SAT words - one I had to admit I had never heard "oevre" couldn't even pronounce it. Meaning? "complete works of an artist." OK I have learned something new today.

And the grand finale? "Crazy" by Brittany Spears plays loudly with Son doing a dance in the back seat. Oh wait, time for one more. "Africa. "

No I am not making this up. I can't imagine crazier stuff than real life.

Welcome to my morning. I will miss this next year when they drive alone....


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

You will miss it. Trust me.

But then? You can listen to Adam Lambert on the iPod whenever you want.


Margo said...

what a nice glimpse into one of those memories that most of us don't even know are memories. Does that make any sense? I miss driving my older daughter around in some ways, but not in others... it's definitely a change. BTW, for some reason, on your page, I can't get your RSS feed - been that way for a couple of weeks, so you're always at the bottom of my blog roll. thought you might want to know :) Have a nice weekend! Come not buy something with me if you want!

zelzee said...

Listening to your own music driving by yourself is not all it's cracked up to be.

I miss not threatening anyone!!!

Wunderwoman said...

I miss driving my younger son around it seemed that was the only time we could talk, enjoy it while it lasts

just jamie said...

I'm still listening to Raffi, so your morning looks good to me. :)

dkuroiwa said... "riding shotgun", I seriously snorted!! :-D

and wait! you were putting your make-up on in the car?!?! heh heh heh

Today, the boys had Eminem's Without Me blasting the windows...have to admit...if I ignore the bad words, it's pretty good...the boys like the rhythm and the sound effects....'bout the time Koji says "Bitch" in the States is when Mommy gets in trouble!!