Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Days Gone By and PROM

Daughter is getting ready for her first prom. A couple weeks ago we went shopping. We shopped and shopped and schlepped and shopped - unsuccessfully. And then we shopped some more. And just when we gave up? Daughter spotted a store full of long gowns. and EUREKA! A gown. A gorgeous, elegant, powder blue strapless gown with beading and a white underlay (hell I know NOTHING about fashion, but it has some white stuff under the blue skirt that you can see).

Elegant? Yes elegant. Not slutty. Not hip-hoppy. Elegant the way a prom lady should look, at least in this old-fashioned-mother's eyes.

Another shopping trip to find shoes. Well a couple shopping trips. First she wanted white shoes. But no one has white shoes. So I convinced her she wants silver shoes. Because silver goes way better than white plus I already have the perfect silver evening bag to match. So we found gorgeous strappy silver sandals. And they are adorable.

So we took the shoes and the dress to the tailor to try on for the dress to be altered. For 3 million dollars the dress will fit perfectly. mama where are you when I need you??!! and why didn't you teach me to sew?

And after the trip to the alternations lady? I dragged out my old photo albums and showed Daughter photos of me and my first prom.

My first dress? Nearly the exact same color powder blue. long. elegant. nearly strapless except for the little straps to keep it up b/c me? I had no boobs like Daughter has gorgeous boobs. My boyfriend? Totally dorky. the memories? Priceless.

We giggled over the boys, the styles, the tuxes, and? she liked my dress!!!

And then? After she left, I went through other albums. Found photos of other boys, and then - first photos of Ex.

And I realized? My feelings for Ex are pretty much the same as the feelings for my first prom date, my second prom date, my third prom date, my college boyfriends: all boys I knew once. That's all.

OK so I have a few more photos of Ex than I do of the rest of the Boys of my Past. But still? He's just a boy. A Boy I knew once.

And that? Feels good.


ChiTown Girl said...

oh, honey, I so wish you could tell me your secret. I'm dreading the day Stud asks to see my prom pictures, since the ex and I went to my prom together. I haven't reached your level of acceptance yet. I'm really happy for you, though.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I have Prom photos from the mid-1970s (I'm 53) and the fashions even look funny to me now!

I couldn't live next door to my Ex. If I did I would be in jail and you'd have to be my defense lawyer. [lol - jk]

You're an excellent writer. I enjoyed your blog this evening.

You also have superb taste in clothes. I used to dress nicely when working as an Accountant. Now it's mostly blue jeans and white "t's". :o)

dkuroiwa said...

First of all....aaaah. really, that is such a great moment to share with your daughter. I just have sons and I'm thinking I won't have moments like that...Im a little envious!

And Prom? freakin' hated both of the ones I went to. The after-prom party was waaay more fun, I could ditch my date at the last one and the fun really began.
But...I do remember one was gorgeous...silvery-purple, same strappy straps and I had baby's breath in my hair. I was beautiful...for 1978!!

J.G. said...

Those "did we really wear that?" moments are so fun when we can share them with our kids. I think I have mine convinced that such outfits were quite fashionable, back in the day.

Even better is when I can maintain my emotional equilibrium while looking back at those old photos . . . You've done it quite well!

Busy Bee Suz said...

So cool about her dress and the silver shoes...yes, silver is always better than white!!!!
Are we going to get a glipse of her picture in the dress????
Love that you have put the past behind...just a boy. Awesome!!!
I have no prom memories, but of course a funny story about my prom *would be* night that I love to bore my kids with.
take care, suz

hulagirlatheart said...

My first prom dress: powder blue with a white overlay, almost strapless. Also, dorky boyfriend. Ha!! Is it universal?

Wunderwoman said...

It's amazing how someone we thought we would love forever is just a boy we knew isn't it? Would love to see a pic of daughter in her dress, I only have sons, and yes I am envious! LOL Oh, but now I have a daughter-in-law (just can't figure her out)

ModernMom said...

I'm thrilled for your daughter that she was able to find "the" dress. I know it can be an impossible task. I'm thrilled for you that he is now just one of the Ex's. :)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Yay for moving on.

I just ran into a friend at Costco whose husband left her in December for another woman. She is so graceful and composed--she could make a fortune if she could bottle her serenity.