Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Addictions come in all forms

There are lots of addictions.

I'm not sure they're all bad.

I'm not sure they can all be categorized.

I'm not sure I have just one.

But today we'll talk about my shoe addiction.

Now, I would say I don't have an addiction (step one - denial right?)

Because although I do have some a lot a shit ton of shoes, I don't HAVE to have EVERY pair I see.  I go years months weeks without buying any.  I give away a lot of pair - particularly when I need to make room for new ones.

And I won't buy just any shoe.  No, gone are the days of cheap shoes.  Because I hit that phase.  And I tried the "shoe clubs."  And I bought these:
OH yeah they are cute.  And they set off my black and white block print sheath very nicely.  Got lots of compliments today.  Even the Gyro guy noticed (no he's not gay and so what if he were?!).  But walk more than 32 feet?  OUCH.  Cheap shoes = pain.  So I've learned that lesson.  But every once in a while I wear these anyway (I admit $39.99).

But sometimes, on a frustrating afternoon, while I'm at work...working...I am called to the Internet where lurk great shoe sales.

Like recently.
Now I have these - my current go-to- I'mgonnakickyourassincourt favorites.  I can walk miles in these.  They are hot.  They are comfortable.  They were originally let's just say expensive but I found them on sale for under $80.
Simple.  Black.  adorable black bow on the front with a peep toe (It's not professional to wear open toe shoes?  What?  sorry mom that was yesterday).  Adrienne Vittadini.  5 inch heel.  I swear I am the Queen of the Universe in these.

But alas, they are showing their age.  Scuffs on the heels that can't be repaired.  Plus, supershoes only have so much superpower.

So I was thinking perhaps I needed new superblack superpumps.

And Cole Haan was having a great sale and I missed it.  I put the slate grey suede calf boots in my cart but forgot to close the deal.  65% off down the drain.

what do you mean they weren't black or pumps?  focus people focus.  Cool cute shoes on sale...

did I forget to mention I never ever ever pay full price for shoes ever, which is why I'm pretty sure I will never own a pair of Jimmy Choos as much as I totally love love love them.

So I Googled Cole Haan....and up came these....

The picture stinks (gave Son the camera for his semester abroad, I'm left with my phone camera) but they are Cole Haan Nike Air 5" support patent leather pumps with a very professional open toe.  Perfect new I'm gonnakickyourassincourt shoes.  On sale.  even better than Cole Haan's sale - %75 off.  Free shipping.  SOLD.

But wait.  What else came up in that search?

Oh My Goodness.  Something about hairfur.  Cole Haan nike air.  5" heels (my fav - I'm a shrimp).  A sweet blue line going through the heel for a nice accent.  Because me and Blue?  Almost as perfect together as the Captain and me.

again %75 off.  Again free shipping.  SOLD.

AND I get the thrill of buying and then a few days /week later they come in the mail!  Fun all over again.  Then we debut them at work where my shoe-loving Jimmy Choo owning office manager appropriately notices the shoes and we have a nice chat about the love of shoes, our addictions, why shoes make us feel good.

And I know I've blogged about this shoe thing before.  But sometimes, when things aren't going your way, a client is nasty, opposing counsel is horrid, the kids just don't get it, you realize you really aren't ever going to lose the 10 pounds you've gained last year, you look down at your feet and you smile and say, "Yeah, but I've got great shoes."

First world problems?  Yes.  Do I feel a little guilty about that?  Yes.

Guilty enough to send the money I spend on shoes to a third world country instead of buying the shoes?  Sadly, no.  although I try to match my shoe spending to my charitable giving.

Does that count?

probably not...that's why they call it addiction...


ChiTown Girl said...

I so get the shoe thing!! Back in the day, shoes were also my weakness. No matter what size my clothes were, my shoes were always the same size, and always looked great. I almost never bought myself clothes, but I constantly bought shoes!!

Once that pesky plantar fasciitis kicked in, though, I had to give up my love of cute shoes. I basically was sentenced to ugly, orthopedic shoes, or "regular" shoes with orthotic inserts. Pooh!

However, I will say, since dropping almost 60 pounds, I've been able to start wearing heels again! Woo hoo! So far, so good. My feet haven't revolted yet. I'm so torn now because there's no way I can buy a whole new wardrobe AND a bunch of new, cute shoes. Argh! Shoot, maybe I'll have to get a damn job... ;-)

ChiTown Girl said...

Holy crap, I forgot to tell you how freakin' SEXY those shoes are. I really like the black & white pair. Oo la la!

The Girl Next Door said...

OMG love you ChiTown Girl. So happy for your weight loss. Go with the shoes they make every outfit new!!!

Gigi said...

I knew I liked you. And no, you do not have an addiction....because if you did that would mean that *I* have an addiction...and I don't (if you don't admit it, then it isn't true...right?).

Love all your choices - even the painful ones. I have a pair very similar.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I totally get that--though I have to get by on a Ross budget.

Busy Bee Suz said...

If I could wear pretty high heeled shoes, I'd never take them off. I've got problem feet since my first pregnancy. Now I spend 100 bucks on shoes, and they ain't that pretty. SO you enjoy....and I will live vicariously through you.

Cruzo Swann said...