Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Obesity Conspiracy

 There is definitely a conspiracy to make America fat and it includes the vending machine at work.  No, not just that we have a vending machine, but the prices of what's inside.  Recently I've noticed that they have started to include healthier snacks like popped chips and baked chips. 

 But tell me WHY oh WHY are these $1.00

And the very same size of THESE: 50 cents??

I think they're trying to make us fatter so we'll buy the cheaper chips!

And don't even GO THERE as to why I'm at the vending machine.  I ate my fat free cottage cheese and my edememe.  But I ran 4 miles (in 37 minutes thankyouverymuch) and walked another 1 with the dogs this morning and dammit I'M HUNGRY.

So I got the baked ones which, fortunately, left me no money to buy a second bag.

Wait maybe that's why they're more expensive, only buying one bag.....

naaaaaaah would've been more fun to buy 2.


Back to the gym.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Makes no sense whatsoever!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I've got a cabinet with the big Costco-size almonds. It's not less calories than the chips, but I feel a little more virtuous for eating those.

Stephanie said...

I believe in this conspiracy! I have often thought it is so much more expensive to buy healthy groceries then unhealthy. It's just not right!

Ramona said...

I'm with you. Totally a conspiracy.

necmettin karadağlı said...
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