Friday, June 11, 2010

Enough to make me Ride the escalator

I'm a walker - a fast walker.

Sometimes I smash into people accidently bump people in my hurry to get from place A to B.

I am an avid Metro (i.e. Subway) rider and there are rules about the escalators - "Stand Right, Walk or if you're TGND, run Left" yes, that's me running up the escalator - in heels.

But some lucky mornings there is one thing that makes me Stand Right and Ride.

At the top of the escalator just outside the Metro station are two gentlemen - probably in their 50's - who entertain me. I hear the melodies from far below in the station long before I see them. Instantly, a smile crosses my face and my day just got brighter.

One plays the violin, one plays the electric bass guitar. It might seem like an unlikely pair, but it works so well. And these guys are NOT making up the same ol' few lines over and over. They have music. I read music. I know complicated 16th notes when I see them. And these are very complicated runs, played beautifully.

And so, when I hear their music wafting down to the depths of the metro, I pause, Stand Right, and listen. When I reach the top of the escalator, I pause, watch for a moment, drop a dollar in their bucket and tell them how excellent they are. They always smile appreciatively as they play.

Someday I might even pause long enough to find out who they are and why they are there. Until then, I will enjoy the moment.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A whole new meaning for "PIP"

Twice in 2 days I've been called a PIP.

Something like this:

OR maybe This:

Images are not mine - found through Google images at denver dog. and Fondos.images.

Yes, My new nickname is PITBULL IN PINK. one client (a friend) called me that and one partner (female and friend) called me that. I don't think I'm offended. I'm pretty sure I think it's hilarious.

Today I'm all in black and professional in my sheath (no I'm not going to a funeral wise a$$), but with adorable Betty Boop shoes. A girl has to be a girl after all. Even if she's a pitbull.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Graduation means....Painting the Furniture?

The Captain came up the morning after the Prom and was promptly put to work. Yet another step into our relationship and another endearing quality. He scrubbed my Patio for 2 hours. Then he helped me paint the lawn furniture. This was a white table that I bought with Ex, oh, 18 years ago?

Ex and I also bought about 10 pieces of Wrought Iron furniture - used - about 5 years ago. We painted it all . Some are pictured below. (the magic of spray over rust paint I love it)
All the chairs were wet so we dragged some kitchen chairs outside for dinner....
(I had painted the table the previous year so it just needed touchups and we could eat on it)

And gave a toast to a job well done!

Whew. Oh yeah, and we did some gardening first....Told you he was an awesome guy....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Tears They are a Flowin'

It all started just a few short years ago, or so it seems. Although perhaps their 4th year of life seemed like an eternity. But alas what started in 1995 when they were three years old in Spain....their First First Day of School.....has now progressed.

Those wild twins (ok one was wild and the other just had wild hair) have turned into THESE - and here is their Last "Last Day of School" photo. I cried that morning. I cried when I took the photos. I cried when they left. I cried when I uploaded them. And now. yep. sobbing like a baby.

I had better bring a truckload of tissues to graduation.
Yes, I'm proud of them and happy they are going on to do great things. But Damned I'm going to miss them.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And This Is Why Sleep Is Optional

Yes it's Senior Time at the House Next Door and we've been busy. Prom was last Friday. Dinner for 17 turned into dinner for 17 and a party for the parents when the dinner got delayed because kids were late and the hairdresser was slow. OH well, it was fun!

That's Daughter on the right in the top photo, in the blue.

Yep three tables (and if you counted ok there were only 16 or something because one date went to the wrong house? " I dunno" as the kids say)

Here's my baby Girl with her Prom Date who used to be her boyfriend but now they're friends (yes that's OK by me AND her!)

Son made a quick appearance with his date so that I could take a photo then it was off to his place of dinner (that was a potluck so I made a tortilla espanola for him, too). No I didn't think to take a photo of Son and Daughter together. Things were a little hectic....
They posed as I took 99 photos. Yes. 99.
Then the limo bus "Chariots for Hire" showed up with the REST of the group.

Someone said there were 26 in all. I didn't have time to count.....

Now I'm uploading photos from the last 17 years onto my NEW laptop. The one Son cannot get within 10 feet of or he will be shot on sight. And when the photos are uploaded, I will work on graduation gifts. (What did Son do you ask? Click HERE)

What's that you say, Graduation is Friday? Yeah that's why I'm up at 2:30 am.

Sleep? Is overrated.