Thursday, May 27, 2010

When Credit Card Security is TOO Secure

What? Yes I really am going to rant about too much credit card fraud protection.

Hormonally imbalanced much? Or Stressing about Graduation? Yeah so what....

Here's the thing - at the grocery store last night - the same grocery store I shop at perhaps 20 times in a month (no joke) for the last 11 years. And my credit card is flagged "call in." It was a large order - prom dinner for 17 tomorrow night. And this card gives me 5% back on all grocery purchases, so I really wanted to use it.

But I couldn't for some reason so I used another. Fortunately, the customer service rep helping me knows me (ya think? after all these years? Hell they open up a special line just for me when I come through I kid you not), so she said, "Hey try another card" instead of embarrassing me right there.

Today I got a frantic email from Credit Card Company saying, "We are trying to reach you and are going to cancel your card." So I called. Apparently they called the house and the kids hung up by accident so they considered this "proof" that the card had been stolen.


I said, "What activity suggested the card was stolen?"

Answer? "A strange computer code from your grocery store - the same grocery store you've been shopping at frequently."


As I said, when Credit Card Security is TOO Secure. All fixed now. And they owe me $17 for my 5% cash back on last night's order..... as if.


Gigi said...

At least they attempted to contact you. When someone recently got a hold of our credit card number - they just shut the card down without telling us! Needless to say when Hubby went to buy something he was mighty ticked off....

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Always to the extreme yes? Hope you make through the 17 guests for dinner.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I learned the hard way that you need to call first when you travel--it's always fun to have your card denied on vacation.

I hope the dinner is fantastic.

yogurt said...

Weird. Just today I tried using a credit card and for the first time that I can remember, I heard "denied." It was an old, duplicate card, been long wondering if it was still active. Now I know. And the cashier was all, "whatever. tell it to the next guy, lady."

Chanie said...

I had spent the day Christmas shopping (in December, the whole day in the mall). My last stop was a bookstore. I had a stack of books on the counter and of course the card was declined. The cashier tried to call them, but no one picked up. I had to leave all books because I didn't have another card. I was so angry I canceled the card that day. They tried to tell me it was for my protection. Ha! I told them it was so they wouldn't have to pay if it had been stolen.

Or the time my father had to come rescue me at the grocery store when my husband was out of town on business.

dkuroiwa said...

I have a card that I use only when I'm in the States and have learned to call them before I travel to let them know...had a couple of problems a few years ago. it makes me grumpy when this happens, but...i guess it's better to be safe.
wait. dinner for 17??? jeez louise!! can't wait to hear about that!!!

(word verification...."inouffe"...good one!!)