Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Be Careful before you Jump

I saw this headline on my blackberry before arriving at work - all I could see was the headline and the first few lines of the story. And I was really angry:

Obama Brainwashes Vulnerable Children's Minds: Ann Woolner

It's a report about Obama's visit to an Atlanta school. Whatever he was going to say to those kids he's the President. Who wouldn't cheer?

When I got to work, I quickly clicked the link for the whole story. The first few paragraphs had me drafting a nasty response in my head. Boy was this "woman" going to get a piece of my mind.

Then I kept reading.

I'm not sure I like her style or the way she began. But it got my attention! And, ultimately, my applause.

See for yourself!


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I for one would not cheer. I don't care if he is the president or not, but I didn't vote for him and would not want to be in his presence.

Gigi said...

I agree 100%. I don't agree with all of his policies but I do believe that no matter who is in office they deserve our respect. And what kind of society are we living in if we can't respectfully agree to disagree. I'm still not sure why there was so much hoopla over this address - did people actually believe that he would use this forum to promote his policies? How foolish. He gave a great speech and since they didn't show it at my son's school I printed it and made him read it.

Together We Save said...

He deserves my respect but I would not cheer for him. I am glad my children did not see the telecast. But as Gigi said, I did print it and let them read it.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am not his biggest fan, but for real, he is our president.
Our kids should listen to what he has to say. Right? Teaching our children to respect authority used to be an everyday occurance, now it seems we can pick and choose who/when we resepect. I am amazed at how many people lost their minds on this.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I think Democrats (myself included) need to re-think our reasonable actions and discourse when Republicans are in power.

People have lost their freaking minds and to me it seems as though racism is the only possible explanation.

Margo said...

as usual, I'm probably an outlier here. First, based on my own personal experience in elementary school, I don't like it when any president talks to school children, or any politics discussed in a classroom... it's going to always favor the majority and in a country where public discourse is supposed to be revered, the last place that should be a test kitchen is in an elementary school classroom. I wouldn't keep my own children from watching though, and think respect for the office is important. I think the danger is that the responsibility for the tone comes down to human teachers with opinions. I think our country is more divided right now than we can grasp yet, and it's next to impossible to keep politics out of anything.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Sadly, my daughter's school chose not to show the President's message to the students, but I recorded the speech and we watched it when she came home. Laura and I discussed the messages that the President intended to convey, and I've found us talking about them again and again over the last week. Education, opportunities, responsibility, service, and hope. What was so controversial?