Monday, December 8, 2008

How my bloggy friends are having crazy experiences while my kids try to kill me...

Sometimes when I think my life is a little crazy, I read my bloggy friends and realize my life is totally lame. Over in Japan Debbie is planning a kickass party. Out west katydidnot is having the usual fricks and clandestined trips to the doctor with unsuspecting kids and Suzy is putting up her tree and telling us stories. Just for starters.

Meanwhile at Casa de Next Door? I am knee deep getting ready for trial, traveling every other day (Ft lauderdale, yeah. Chicago. Ugh. Oklahoma - not sure how I feel about that one yet). wondering when if ever I am going to Christmas shop (apparently Black Friday was the one and only opportunity...who knew. OH wait the internet! Right!) and trying oh so trying to maintain my "Random Acts of Kindness" balance.

And how's that going?

Well, the kids decided, without knowing about my new resolve, to put me in the hole by 2,698 points when they got into a "tussle" [Son's word] and Daughter put her fist through the back window. By the Grace of God no one was hurt, not even the 3 puppies (why yes I did have DRD again last week - she's actually growing on me) when Daughter claimed to have vacuumed up the shattered glass but when I came home an hour later it was still scattered all along the baseboards and large chunks were found out in the hall. By the Grace of God I did not lose it.

Amazingly, my determination at Kindness prevented me from ripping off their heads and spitting down their necks. Yes, in a past life I just might have done that. But Valium Mom listened patiently first to Son and then to Daughter (individually while the other was banished from room) and passed no judgment. AND, I didn't yell or cuss or otherwise lose patience when I came home and crunched glass and called for Daughter to get her butt downstairs and finish cleaning up and she got all pissy and somehow that was MY FAULT. And then Valium mom made a nice dinner of ham and sweet potatoes and salad and said, "Let's sit down and discuss this and determine what the consequences of this should be." I started the meal as we often do - with a prayer. This one was about giving us patience and love and helping us to appreciate God's gifts to us. And then, it happened. They started laughing while I was praying. And my resolve to be all Random Acts Kindness??? Buh-Bye. Having arrived at well beyond ripping off heads at that point, I got up, put my dinner on the counter -um well I might have thrown it on the counter - and left. I went upstairs and started packing. And resolved never to speak to the urchins again.

And what was the tussle all about? who was going to finish bringing the recycle bin up from the curb. It went a little deeper into "he tries to run her life" and "she does things on her own schedule." But really folks. The RECYCLE BIN? Our driveway is 2 carlengths. Maybe.

And then I left them.

OK so it was a preplanned weekend and Ex had the kids. But still it was so satisfactory to pretend I was packing and leaving them all spontaneous-like and letting someone else deal with their teenage moments. Can someone out there give me a "BadMom"? Yeah, thanks.

Despite the Urchins' best efforts to sabotage my Random Kindness, I think I'm pretty much in the black. I gave up my seat on my flight back last night and let everyone else go in front of me and waited 40 mintues for them to rebook me b/c the poor lady behind the ticketcounter was going nuts while everyone shouted "Me first me first." And I smiled as the girl at the parking lot overcharged me the wrong amount and had me get out of the car in the freezing rain and go inside to the office to fix it. True I was coming off 3 days sailing in the Miami-Keys area, so I was feeling mighty relaxed and happy. But the old me would've been much more impatient. Inside I was still a little impatient. But I'm beginning to like this new, less-impatient me. OH I still yelled at my boss today when he wasn't understanding that my plane was leaving and no I couldn't get on a conference call and do just one more thing for him. And I sniped off my assistant's head when, despite her clearly knowing that I was racing the clock and asked her to do 2 very specific tasks, one of which included not giving me back the edits I just handed her handed me back the edits I just gave her. Hmmm. She's too darned fast and I should've been grateful, not pissy. I apologized.

So How are your Random Acts working out?!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, to have the patience to NOT lose it with the teens....that my friend should entitle you to your own award!!! I would have lost it. What makes them go crazy and fight over sill stuff? My girls do it too, and it makes me bonkers.
I am doing well w/ my random acts...I was never able to get the little picture you made over to my blog...I am useless that way.
I have not missed the salvation army red bucket at all, I am patient in line at the stores, I am trying to say only nice things to my kids, etc.....
but, oh at the post office yesterday it was maddening. I had to bite my tongue....and I have to go back today....I hope I make it!!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My youngest two are very close in age and only one grade apart--and boy can they bicker. I can imagine it might be 1,000 fold with twins.

Your random act of kindness today includes making me feel better about the arguments Danger Boy and Social Butterfly have over the recycle bin (yes, they have the same argument yours do) because the worst thing that has happeded (thus far) is a pen being thrown.

I voluntarily drove 6 cheerleaders downtown at rush hour to the football banquet. And did not take the head of the non-friend one who sniped about other people constantly. Though I'm debating whether that was nice or just being a coward.

ChiTown Girl said...

What in the HELL does "Chicago. Ugh." mean?!?!?! As my random act of kindness for today, I'mma let that one go!

Wow! You are truly my hero!!! I would have done a great deal of yelling about the window, and the glass on the floor. You're good. And, my plate would have sailed to the counter, for sure. I surely would have slapped a couple of laughing faces if that had happened while I was PRAYING!!

Please have a safe trip (all of them!) and then come back and fill us in!

Lakeland Jo said...

It was good to hop over to your blog today- I haven't visited for a while.
I try to do something as a random act of kindness every day- usually involves at least one instance of waving people with pushchairs across our busy roads which have very few crossings...

Katy said...

Ok, keeping your patience about the window and it being your fault that she didn't vacuum it up properly - that right there qualifies you for sainthood. And the fact that you didn't throw your dinner AT them? Double sainthood.

And Oklahoma in December, you might want to try to get out of that one. ;-)

Feisty Irish Wench said...

My house now has two teenagers in it again...I am stockpiled on haircolor. I'm considering an appointment with a shrink-type bearing a prescription pad. SOMEbody's gonna need it.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

I know this isn't fun, really. I've had two teenagers in the house at the same time and I KNOW from what you speak.

But good Lord, you tell it funny.

I'm thinking you must come to San Diego and marry us.

dirtft said...

We must be on the same wavelength and you have no idea just how much that scares me...
I've been trying the Random ACTS since Thanksgiving and it seemed to be working, except the pressure valve had been my lovely bride having to listen to me complain about all the morons I've encountered. I even kept my temper in check last night when talking with son on phone who lives with his mom and is now failing TWO classes (I check his grades on line and he knows it) but it raised a question...
Does it still count if you still feel that nothing would be better than sticking their head down a meat grinder, even if they don't know it???

Mrs. G. said...

Way to hold it together! No kidding. I'm impressed. The window might have pushed me over the edge.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Oh, you are a saint to have not killed them!

dkuroiwa said...

Random Act of Kindness for yesterday (I pretty much just woke up so nothing yet) was helping a little old lady get her groceries into her "grocery bag with wheels"...she had a ton of stuff and the way she was trying to do it really wasn't going to work...I was pained just watching so I jumped in to help. She gave me some mochi (pounded rice cakes) for helping...I tried to refuse but she insisted. Rule of thumb: never argue with an old Japanese WILL lose.

I have a question for you and other do you do it? As working Moms with kids (tho mine are younger, they are still walking a fine line between life and being time-outed in their rooms forever, sometimes.) do you keep from just going NUTSO?!?!?! I feel as if I am becoming the "screeching/hollaring foreigner at the end of the street"!! I guess, tho your kitchen situation starting with the window, didn't really end in a 'perfect way' was nice to read that I'm not the only one that has "gently tossed" a plate or two upon the counter and walked out of the room.
I guess the support comes from knowing that we are not alone....and there you go...another RAK for helped me and you didn't even know it!!!
Have a great weekend.
Oh....Oklahoma? Western part...take alcohol...that'll help...eastern part...nice country, but alcohol might still help. They talk muuuuuuuch slooooower there....I know...I'm from pretty damn close to there!!!

Oh (#2) the party did kick some major was great!!! i'm still exhausted!!!