Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just a Working Girl

In 1988 I was a new college grad.  And a Newly Wed.  I dreamed of "being someone."  Maybe being Mrs. Someone.  And being Mrs. Career Someone.  They were big dreams.

I remember going to see a movie.  Working Girl.  C'Mon you remember.  Meg Ryan Melanie Griffin (I have been corrected) (a little chubby?) Harrison Ford (a little skinny)  Signourney Weaver (awesomely bitchy).

And I remember thinking I could definitely do That.  I could Be Someone.

Fast forward 23 years.  I married (maybe I was married when I saw that movie - I was definitely at least engaged).  I had two awesomely perfect children.  I went to law school.  I divorced.  I chucked my law career at the Big DC Firm and moved South to be with the Most Perfect Boyfriend. 

He's away tonight on business.  And Netflix reunited me with Working Girl.  And reunited me with Me.  I remember seeing that movie in the 80's.  I remember the dreams.  And as I look around my cute beach house, with my nice stuff, with my knowledge of manners and etiquette and having all the right champagne and wine glasses, wearing the Right suits and owning ridiculous amounts of shoes, I realize something. 

I am blessed.  I have Made It.

Wait - that sounds ridiculously materialistic.  It's not the Stuff.  Believe me, I have ditched truckloads of Stuff this past year. And I am so ready to ditch more of it. NO it's not Stuff.   It's being Me.  Being the person I dreamed I could be when I was 5 and wanted to be a lawyer.  Being the survivor I dreamed of when I was 30 with two 3 year olds living in a foreign country and facing a man who never loved me.  When I was 35 and walked across the graduation stage #3 in my class, with my awesome parents and entire extended family cheering me on.

I am Meg Ryan Melanie Griffin in Working Girl.

What, tell me you can't see the resemblance?!!!


ChiTown Girl said...

You are not kidding about the resemblance!! Holy crap!

I'm glad it didn't take you til your golden years to realize all of this. You DO have it all, and you worked your ass off for every single bit of it. Good for you, Sista Girl, good for you!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I hate to tell you this but that isn't Meg Ryan - it's Melanie Griffin. And you do look like her! :)

The Girl Next Door said...

Anon - thank you. I couldn't figure out why Meg Ryan looked so fat! Melanie Griffin. Of course!!! Whew. I am old.

Gigi said...

I always get Meg & Melanie mixed up too.

You've worked hard for what you have and who you are. You deserve every bit of it.

dkuroiwa said...

so...i had a really great comment, full of wit and kudos to you and what you have accomplished and then....the picture of Mel and Joan Cusack's hair!! OMG! and then....your picture.....you're beatiful but really....the hair....and pfffft. the comment, in all its glory...was gone.
(and could you button up that shirt just a liiiiiittle bit more?!?!)
for the record...i love Signourney Weaver....she does bitchy so incredibly well!! ;-)

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Oh,the 80's...a time when our optimism was as high as our bangs.

Bookwoman said...

Did the office-in-the-big-city thing in the late 70s so this movie struck a cord with me. Discovering who you really are is priceless - even if it turns out not to be who you thought you always wanted to be. Good on ya for figuring it out!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Is it okay to say you look better today while Melanie is now pretty scary looking?!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, you were rocking that look sister.
Lo and I watched Working Girl a few months ago....still love that movie. YOU have made IT!!!!

Cristy said...

Yeah, brought tears. Making it isn't the stuff is it? Great post!

Mrs. Tuna said...

Ah yes, I too am having a flashback. The 80's were a blur.

yogurt said...

I sometimes allow myself the feeling "I made it" when I'm leaving the office in the evenings, feeling tired and stressed and bracing for the traffic. Deep breaths and an inner smile. Glad you are giving yourself kudos, too.

TAG said...
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TAG said...

Indeed, you have made it.

(This next part I say not for you because I know you understand. I say it because too many people don't see it.)

Why did you make it? How is it you have a great career, an awesome man to share your life, and two outstanding children?

Many would say there was lots of luck involved. Heck no. Luck plays only a very minor role in the success of most. No, you made it because you worked your ass off doing the things necessary to make it.

Pat yourself on the back girl. YOU did it. Bask in the glow of things well done and great accomplishments. Just don't bask too long. Now get going making it for the rest of your life.


ChiTown Girl said...

Hey, Girlfriend. Just checking in with you, since it's been a month since we've heard from you. I'm going to assume that's because you've been crazy busy with work and The Captain, and getting settled into your happy new life. Hope all is well!

Trailboss said...

This is the first time I have visited your blog. I jumped over from Hula Girl (who constantly cracks me up). I will definately be back!

Heather said...

Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog ☺


ChiTown Girl said...

Hey, Girlfriend! Sorry to send you a message here, but I can't find your email, and I'm too lazy to go searching right now. (I AM on vacation, after all!)

I hope you and The Captain had a beautiful Christmas together, and that you got to spend some time with your "babies." Health and happiness to you all in 2012!

J.G. said...

OMG, you did it! Hooray for you and welcome to Florida! I've been out of the loop but still in your corner. Congrats and kudos and mojitos to you!

I love that movie too, and Meg could never have carried it like Melanie did. Plus it has one of the greatest movie lines ever: "If you want to be taken seriously, you have to have serious hair."

Anonymous said...

Missing your posts - We'd love to hear more about your new life! Come back soon!

ChiTown Girl said...


Girl, where did you go!? Did you and The Captain run off and get hitched? Fill us in already!!!

I miss you :(