Monday, September 20, 2010

Trying this again - it posted without my list! Ooops....

Even though I am a pathetic blogger lately, Lovely Katy still thinks I'm Versatile! Not sure what that writing has no rhyme or reason? Yep that's true.... I'm totally A.D.D.? absolutely. I can juggle and hulahoop simultaneously? Yes Indeed I can....

Here are the rules:

Acknowledge and thank and link back to the award - bestower

Post 7 things about you your blog-readers might not know.

Pass the award on

Post the award on your blog.

7 things you might not know....hmmmm

1. I PASSED THE FLORIDA BAR (no "finallys" from the peanut gallery

please). I still have some pesky administrative stuff to do to get admitted, but baby, I'm In.

2. I am the wimpiest sick person ever. I hate being sick and when I'm sick everyone knows it and has to feel sorry for me.

3. I sometimes fall asleep blogging - because I'm blogging when I should be sleeping NOT because blogging is boring!

4. When I was little I thought TV shows came from random video taping of everyone's lives (who knew I was on to a huge money making hit?) and so I used to have running *witty* conversations with myself when alone, just in case the cameras were taping. The thought of them taping me in the bathroom weirded me out, so I tried to be extra witty in there....To this day, I find myself talking to myself in the bathroom. It's embarrassing when I catch myself doing it at work!

5. I hate it when people touch my nose.

6. I hate being home alone in the house at night and leave lights on everywhere.

7. I don't know what color my hair "really" is. Probably something in the brown family?!

As for nominating you versatile bloggers, you are all versatile and I think the few people left reading me have otherwise been named. If not, grab the badge and go!!


ChiTown Girl said...

ummmm....did you accidentally hit "publish," or are you just being your usual silly self?

Katy said...

Ok, I've got goosebumps. I totally did #4 when I was little too. The Truman Show freaked me OUT when I saw it because it was essentially what I had envisioned as a kid.

Great minds! (Or slightly kooky, whatev. ;)

Natonne Elaine said...

Congrats on passing the Florida Bar.

Natonne Elaine said...

Like you, I've struggled to stay awake typing a post on my blog. Well, thank goodness for the iPhone and the WordPress app.

While taking Metrorail to or from work, I can type a post and "publish" it to the blog.