Thursday, January 14, 2010

About Haiti and Another Good Thing about my Job

It started with murmurs around the office about the tragedy in Haiti. Stories of the bodies in the streets, the vast homelessness, the destruction beyond possible comprehension.

Then there were phone calls to the Managing Partner who has family there inquiring as to their safety and "how can we help?"

An email followed from Managing Partner to all The Firm, thanking them for the expressions of concern and listing three reputable organizations where we can donate funds if we so choose.

The Managing Partner's email started a barrage of emails with places to donate - Oxfam, various Jewish organizations, how to donate through a simple text message on your phone, and places holding food drives.

Once again the Firm rallied around things more important than legal precedent, contracts, billable hours or office politics. Once again the good people of My Firm reminded me why I like it here so much, (even if it's freezing in the winter) - because the people here care about more than themselves, more than the law.

We are "Big Law" and we do earn a lot of money - I admit it. It's nice to know that we're quick to give it away, too.

Won't you join us? Here are just a few of the choices available:

Edited to add: The firm is matching our individual donations up to $50,000 which, given the size of our firm, should hopefully be accomplished easily. I think the firm also made a separate donation of $25,000, but I'm not positive. A certain not-so-accurate law blog which had the audacity to hijack one of my blog entries last summer reported the 25,000. Not sure what the source of info was.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Great job getting this out.
I am so happy to see so many people and organizations helping. It warms my heart to see our government taking the initiative as well.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm so impressed with how much easier it has become to donate since the tsunami. Technology is definitely an asset in this situation.

J.G. said...

I've used the text method twice and will continue to do so. It's only $20 but payday is tomorrow.

Bless your firm for having a generous heart under that Big Law image! I used to work where their response to 9/11 (while it was still happening!) was "You can't do anything about it, so get back to work." Yeesh. Some people. Nice to hear about the other side of that!

Anonymous said...
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